Sunday, October 2, 2016

Katastro Ladies & Gentleman

New Album Alert Katastro (STRANGE NIGHTS) In stores NOW! Earlier this summer I tweeted about my affinity for the bevy of releases coming summer 2016. The Dirty Heads released their self titled record in the peak of summer when the “sweet summer” wasn’t quite gone yet. I was so enamored by the record that I simply referred to it as the soundtrack of summer 16… Then Katastro happened just as September turned up the heat last minute in Denver when the Hipsters were rocking scarfs and tank tops. Like a teenage girl on her bed with her heels kicking back and fourth, excited in anticipation for her favorite band to release their new album, was my surprise when my phone alerted me of the new Katastro record “Strange Nights” and it’s release. For those of you that subscribe to this up and coming reggae/rock/hip-hop band on Spotify, you know what it was like each and every time they released a single off of this anticipated album. Songs like “Waste the Night”, “Flow” and “Vicious Thing” were like having desert before dinner for me. I honestly could not tell you how many times I have listened to this album in it’s entirety both from beginning to end and on shuffle. Lyrically this album takes the listener on a journey about life, love and everything in between. It’s smart, witty, intelligent, beautiful and the production is as authentic as the lyrics and melodies. The track “Waste the Night” stood out to me most. It hits like a classic platinum pop track and I dare you to sit still while listening to this beautiful madness. Dirty Head’s co-front man (Jarred Watson) sprinkles a dusting of his magic on this track which leaves me to hope for a Katastro and Dirty Heads lineup come summer 2017 Needless to say this album gets my first 5 star rating. I took a lot of pride writing for years ago and of a handful of album reviews I was asked to do, I don’t believe that I ever gave a 5 star rating. Probably because I had a hard time writing something that I criticize myself. As a listener and fan of this beautiful genre of music, I take away something each and every time I hear a song or a new band I like. It doesn’t matter what I think. All I care about is getting people to buy and listen to this music because of how it makes me feel. I can’t explain it. It’s ******* AWESOME. I hope you can feel it too! I just felt it tonight so please listen to this record and if it makes you feel as good as it did for me, then buy it and tell your friends!!! This band is certainly on their way to the top. Simply amazing. Take a bow fellas. Katastro will be at the Marquis Theater on Thursday, October, 27th in Denver, CO. BUY TICKETS HERE= Rock Syndicate

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