Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dub Rock Syndicate, August mix

The following track listing is a suggestion of great tracks available for download on most online music distributors. We at Dub Rock Syndicate take pride in promoting not just good music, but great music! -One Love

Track -- Artist -- Album --

1.Sunset in July -- 311 -- Universal Pulse

2.Upon Returning -- Dredg -- Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy

3.Don't Be Shy -- Shwayze -- Shwayze

4.Party -- House Of Shem -- The Pier: Pacific Island Sampler

5.Lovers Rock -- Sublime With Rome -- Yours Truly

6.Only for You -- Tomorrows Bad Seeds -- Sacred For Sale

7.Girl, Girl, Girl -- Toko Tasi -- Spiritual Life

8.Sensimillia ft.Roache --Collie Buddz -- Collie Buddz

9.Simmer -- Konfrontation -- The Pier:Pacific Island Sampler

10.Saw Her Standing-- Ballyhoo! -- Cheers!

11.Caprice -- Broke By Monday-- Broke By Monday

12.Crackers Anthem -- Cheezy and the Crackers -- Don't talk about it,Be about it!!

13.Wicked Style-- Mthds-- Mthds

14.Pon Di Block-- Fear Nuttin Band-- Yardcore

15.The Drugs -- The Holdup -- The Holdup