Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interview with Tribal Seeds

Interview by Chad Hillje
Editor - Kyle Hillje
Photographer - Mark Franzen

Listening to Tribal Seeds would leave you to believe that this is a band that has been around for a long time. This is another one of those “don’t judge a book by its cover scenarios”. Forming in 2004 beginning with brothers T-Ray (keys) and Steven (vocals), Tribal Seeds was destined for success. Soon the band formed into roots, reggae prodigy’s by adding members John (bass), Tony (lead guitar), Joe (percussions, keys) and Carlos (drummer). Recently Tribal Seeds came through Denver in one of their many stops on their spring 2010 headlining tour. Dub Rock Syndicate caught up with these laid back southern California Rasta boys to find out more about their recent success and life on the road. Enjoy - DRS

DRS-You guys tore the roof off of Cervantes tonight! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and letting your fans find out a little more about you guys. The elevation here in Colorado affects a lot of musicians. Did you guys feel the altitude?
TS-(John) We get drunk a little bit quicker. (Steve) It was a little bit harder but it was all good.
DRS-Through your recent tours in places like Guam, Aruba and Hawaii, where reggae music is life, how does it feel to play far away from the coastlines in the middle of North America and still pack the house and see your fans singing along to your songs?
TS- It feels great man. It shows that our music is spreading and we are constantly building our fan base. To be from San Diego and to travel here to Colorado and see our fans here feels good. Having a bunch of Bronco fans cheering on San Diego fans feels really good (laughs).
DRS-Through your recent tours, what venues have been your guy’s favorites?
TS-Aruba was sick, but some of us like it more to play in small towns in small bars.
DRS-We want to congratulate you guys for your recent success with your album “The Harvest,” reaching one of the most downloaded albums in the reggae charts for iTunes in 2009. Where do you guys see your sound progressing in the future as far as your roots, rock, reggae sound is concerned?
TS-(Steve) Dub step man!! We are gonna tap into that. We are gonna do a little bit of everything while staying true to our roots sound. That’s our foundation, so we have to stay true to that. We’d like to mix in a little rock and a little hip hop too. (Tony) The next album will be the “to be continued” part of “The Harvest”.
DRS-Many of your fans know that your major influences are Bob Marley, Steel Pulse and Midnite. Aside from those influences who else may influence you guys?
TS- Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears (laughs)! We listen to everything from Stevie Wonder to Little Wayne to punk rock and Latin music. It all influences us.
DRS-You guys have been a band since 2004 and we want to know, what have been some of your biggest challenges up to this point?
TS-(John) Just trying to keep the partying down a little bit and not drink so much. We try to keep ourselves healthy and eat healthy. (Tony) We travel a lot and it’s hard to balance things, but we do the best we can. (Steve) I have to say that money has been my biggest challenge because I still live with my parents and I’m trying to get my own place. It’s not financially promising to be in a band but we love it so we do it, ya know?
DRS-Who do you guys want to share the stage with someday?
TS-Steel Pulse guaranteed. We played with Rebelution last night and that was pretty cool.
DRS-If we were to jump in your ride and go for a cruise, what would be playing in your CD player?
TS-(Steve) I just got into these DJ’s by the name of “Showtek”. They are like hard style trance and I have been listening to those guys a lot. (Joe) I just pushed shuffle on my iPod and I got “Akon”. (John) I gotta say “Minor Threat”. I used to be a punk rocker, but like I said, I like a lot of different music. (Tony) Latin music moves me like nothing else.
DRS-Thanks so much for sitting down with us guys.
TS- Thanks to everyone that came out tonight and thanks for supporting us! Go Lakers! One more thing, go Chargers!


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